Sunday, September 10, 2006

Earn some real money (not much), but real!

School has taken alot of my time so I havent been able to update... If you want more excuses email me. I currently coding a gmail dispenser... Well I was until I found a bug which I was too lazy to correct and then hours of work went to the garbage bin...

Ok to the point. Usercash is a site which ables you to create links out of existing links. Now these new links give you money. Every time someone/you/anyone clicks the link the income is 1/3999 of a dollar. I know its NOTHING, BUT if you make alot of links, say youve been doing that alot like 3 links per day for a year. Thats over 1000 links. Exactly. Anyway. Popular download links can get requests of tens of thousands. I know. My portable bsplayer has been downloaded like over a 1000 times. So I wish I had found this site earlier. Here is a link: Start earning
You cant get much. But if you love candy, you better start doing this coz this can give you free candy, pay your candys I mean...

P.S The great thing is for every dude you refer to this site you get 10% of his profits! So I suggest you get in the game!

EDIT: // Well you can earn alot. Just look at this guy: Link

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