Saturday, June 10, 2006

Google Talk skin for BSplayer

3rd day at decem. I made a Google talk skin for BSplayer. Here is a pic: Took me a couple of hoursto make. Good considering I made it only with paint(I pwn with paint). This is released under GPL-license. Respect that. Kthx Here is a download link: Mirror


Im at decem so I thought that I'd actually do something here. I made a cue-maker a year ago and now I decided to release it to the public. Works great, has error checking. Very simple to use. So basically it creates cue-files. Cue-files should come with bin-files. But alot of the time they are missing and needed. Cue/bin-files are virtul CD-image files. For more info on virtual CD-images: Cue-Maker is released under GPL-license. Respect that. Kthx Download link for my Cue-maker: Mirror