Wednesday, December 20, 2006

YouOS: Operating system in the net.

Rather cool. I don't know what to say. Create your account or try the demo: No need to download anything. It's an operating system in the net.

[Edited] Windows Vista BETA (is)WAS great...

My computer broke. So I needed to use the Windows XP CD to repair Windows. But then my Windows XP CD broke. So then I remember that I got a free Windows Vista from Assembly 2006. It is a free beta version. Legal, with free updates and full functionality until June 2007. So I have a lot of time. I will definitely buy vista, *cough*or crack my existing one*cough*. All I can say that it is great that my XP CD broke. Because Window Vista is like a million times better than XP. Very functional. You never get bored of the looks of Vista because it's like a chameleon. It changes. When XP came I was pretty satisfied. But it really wasnt that different from the previous ones. Looks like me that Microsoft fired the old guys and got some new, innovative and creative guys to make Vista the best operating system there is. For you linux lovers there is nothing getting you back to the commercial Windows, but all I can say is that Vista is here to stay, not just because it will be in every computer when you buy it, but because we want it to stay.