Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Usb mouse rate hack. Also for win2000!!!

Crappy winxp puts the usb mouserate slower than the ps/2.
So this little proggy puts it to the max. With PS/2 you could
get 200 hz and with the usb only 125 hz. I maxed my mouse
to 500 hz.

Usb mouserate hack for winXP + rate tester:



For windows 2000 by nake89!:


Start the "mouserate changer by nake89.exe". Not "install.bat"

To get this work on vista -> link.

Coca-Cola & Mentos art

Two guys do a cool show with by spraying cola
by putting mentos in them.

Office Linebacker

Office linebacker Terry Tate gives some of
his attitude to office workers to
make them work when they should.
Absolutely hilarious! 5 out of 5!